September 30, 2014

Turkey, who had started quite intense humanitarian assistance for Somalia in 2011, is still maintaining this mission continuously, and building a strong brotherhood bridge between the Somalian community and Turkish community.

This mobilization, which is being operated via public establishments, private companies and humanitarian aid foundations, is being consolidated with unconditional support for Somalia in the international platforms also. The only reason behind Turkey’s self-devotion, is its idea of contributing to the Muslim Somalian public’s prosperity and Somali state’s consistency.
Turkey’s aid campaign aimed at Somalia had been started by newspapers and TV channels that are connected to the Albayrak Group, and reached a peak with our President Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Somalia.

Within this frame, Mosques, hospitals, schools, water wells, orphanages and roads are being constructed. Again, within this frame, construction of airports and works in the municipal field are ongoing. The Somalian army is receiving professional army trainings by the Turkish General Staff, and Somalian students are being offered scholarships in Turkey.

Turkey’s aid campaign mobilization aimed at Somalia is being constituted as an example on an international level, and this support is injecting a strong Somali love to Turkey’s public opinion. Our President Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, government, business world and Turkey’s public opinion is supporting these studies from their hearts, and thus, motivating our corporations and aid organizations. These aids had provided business options to countless Somalians, and caused a serious dynamism in the country’s economy.

Turkey’s interest, love and contribution oriented in Somalia are continuing by increasing exponentially.

Within this frame, the Albayrak Group had taken on an active role in Somalia’s development. Since August 2012, much work has been conducted towards rehabilitating the Port of Mogadishu and is still continues, in order to transform it into a sea port that has international quality, elevating it to a central position in the Somalia and African economy.

Despite the fact that the Port of Mogadishu is the only employment and source of income potential in the country, it had been confirmed that the state could not gain any resource from here. As for the Albayrak Group, they had promised that without any conditions, they would be transferring 55% of the revenue from the Port.

As for the 45% revenue which is left for the Group’s administration; it is reserved for the international promotion directed at increasing machine equipment investments, construction investments, new docks and port-based trade.

The Albayrak Group is in an endeavor towards turning the Port of Mogadishu into a key address in the African economy and international market. In order for every process to be recorded and every operation to be healthy, it’s essential to establish a system, and to conduct the process according to these principles. Our Group had actualized the 1st investment phase with this objective. From now on, the ISPS application will be made by establishing a closed circuit camera system and an environment wall construction that is appropriate to the international security protocols. Besides, a modern port administration building will be constructed, and the psychical conditions will be increased to the highest level for service procurements. The entrance channels of ships, which are entering the port, will be cleaned with underwater surveillance, and in order to increase the capacity, the 2nd phase equipment investments will be made.

After these studies, our Somalian Muslim brothers’ exportation to Turkey, East Africa and content-wide will increase, and this will become prominent as a serious contribution towards increasing the level of prosperity.

While the Albayrak Group is making these investments, some circles within the Somali Parliament, despite the fact that we had explained all the realities to them, for the sake of holding onto the income they had gained just for their selves, are attempting every kind of provocation. They are conducting this via a group, which had been exploiting people for years.

Our group has no commercial expectation from this contract. The Albayrak Group’s objective is to support the Somalian community. The Turkish community’s unrequited aids are also for this. The Albayrak Group will be continuing this support, which they had conducted, without any commercial expectation until this day, without paying any mind to these circles. Though, the attempts of these foreign supported segments being oriented in breaking the motivation of Turkey will be shared with the Somalian public opinion.

Respectfully announced to the Somali public.