Albayrak Group was established in 1952 as a construction firm. Company focused on constructional projects only up until local transportation division was put into service in 1982. Albayrak Group has been extending its operations into wide variety of sectors including real estate & construction, textile & paper production, entertainment & media, waste management, tourism, automotive, information technologies and logistics services. Today, more than 20 companies are gathered into together under Albayrak roof; employing and building future for more than 5000 employees.


Group entered into logistics sector by investing on local bus transportation in 1982 and became the industry leader with the largest bus fleet in Istanbul within the four years. Group stepped into port management in 2003, by purchasing the State owned Trabzon Port as the highest bidder among various candidates. Port of Trabzon is strategically important to the region; linking Middle Eastern countries to the world. Followed by the purchase of the state owned port that is located at the centre of Black Sea, vision and infrastructural side of the port have been changed dramatically. Handling capacity of the port have been increased five times due to modernization investments and professional way of thinking. Today, formerly known as the old port of the city is called Trabzon Alport being the milestone of Black Sea region.


Albayrak Group have continued investing in port management in Mogadishu, Somalia. In September 2014, state owned, Mogadishu Port have been least to Albayrak Group for 30 years. All operating and managerial rights of the port is secured under Albayrak management. After taking over the port’s management, security measures of the port have been increased and enabled local workers to be employed safely and have steady income. Albayrak Group is very proud to contribute to the growth of Somalia in terms of improving the terminal infrastructural quality, providing training for local workers, promoting local farmers and business owners to step into international business, welcoming entrepreneurs to perform business safely and providing additional income for the Federal Government. Today Alport Mogadishu is the gate where Somalian people meets the world and within the next few years Alport Mogadishu will become one of the most developed and qualified port of the Africa.