For Consignees

  • Effective as 01.04.2016, gate out charge has been increased to USD 190
  • Effective as 01.15.2016, there has been new gross tonnage discharge limitation on all equivalent units. Any equivalent unit weights more than 35 tonnes subject to %30 fine out of the handling fee. No unit weights more than 40 tonnes will be discharged at Alport Mogadishu.
  • Any equivalent unit gates in with residue, waste, garbage and/or contaminant in it will subject to USD 200 fine.
  • No individual is permitted to enter to the import stack area.
  • No individual is permitted to enter the terminal without safety clothing.


For Exporters

In accordance with SOLAS VGM amendments, shippers are to obtain and present official gross weight tonnage of the outbound cargo to the common carriers at the port of loading.

The aforementioned SOLAS amendments introduce two main new requirements:

  1. the shipper is responsible for providing the verified weight by stating it in the shipping document and submitting it to the master or his representative and to the terminal representative sufficiently in advance to be used in the preparation of the ship stowage plan; and
  2. the verified gross mass is a condition for loading a packed container onto a ship.

Please visit for further information on SOLAS VGM.


For Motor Carriers  

  • Please ensure you do not idle your truck for more than 3 minutes while stopped.
  • Always turn off your truck when not occupied.
  • Always exit truck when entering the terminal and open container doors for empty inspection by TIR writers.
  • All trucks must leave terminal once load is picked up. Carriers who over stays at the terminal for safe parking will be heavily fined followed by formal warning. Truckers who do not obey such rules will be banished from the terminal.
  • Obey the speed laws, 30 kph at all times in terminal- Do Not Speed You Will be Voided Out.
  • All terminal equipment have right of way. Make sure to stop when coming across with terminal equipment.
  • Do not drive and talk on your cell phone.
  • Park containers and/or chassis in areas designated by terminal.

Please make sure that you are being monitored by SSTV cams running 7/24.